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Our Instructors and Staff
Lucille Allen
Bikram Certified Instructor and Studio Owner
After spending an afternoon bar hopping all over the North Beach section of San Francisco with her brother, Lucille was asked if she wanted to do a little yoga. "Sure," she thought, "sitting cross legged in a candle lit room and om-ing would be nice." But what she got was her first introduction to what Bikram calls, "The torture chamber."
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Bill Moran
Co-Owner, Desk Staff and Extra Feinschmecker
As a career expat for a large oil company, Bill Moran has been fortunate in his career to live and work in many places, meet some interesting people, and experience many of the things he only read about as a child.
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Teddy Ward
Certified Bikram Yoga Instructor
Teddy is a native Mobilian and although he was not born on Mardi Gras, there is a good chance he was conceived on that day! (that's a very prestigious honor!)
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Nicole and Bikram
Nicole Trboyevich
Certified Bikram Yoga Instructor
Nicole graduated from Teacher Training with Teddy in Fall, 2011, and she has been teaching most recently in Florida. She came to Bikram after a very severe car accident that left her with bulging discs in her neck and spine. Nicole says, "Bikram yoga is the only program that makes my body feel like it did pre-accident. This is my physical therapy, this is how I stay healthy."
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Becky Kopec
Our Newest Teacher!
After my first Bikram Yoga class, I was confused as to why people loved it - there was definitely no way I was coming back! Then the months passed by, and life happened...
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Prevent and heal injuries
Fabulous body toning effects
Optimize athletic performance
Better focus and concentration
Increased flexibility and strength
“My doctor was astounded and actually took me off TWO different blood pressure medications I was taking.”
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